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Posted in code, games with tags , , , , on July 23, 2008 by Tau

I actually got this done late last night/this morning, but as I had to get up only a few hours later, I elected not to blog it. The dialogue classes have been integrated with the main loop and read in from a file, whose name is defined by an event, which is stored in a list of eventlists, which is compared to the current location of the character when they hit the action button (gasp). The dialogue prints what the NPC says, then your options which you chose with a keyboard entry, and so on. However, there are some bugs at present involved with returning to the main game loop, but I know how I’m going to fix that, which will also be how the conversation produces a gamekey (my initial idea on how the story progresses based on what you’ve done).

So consists of 3 classes: DialogueOption, ReadFile and Conversation. DialogueOption contains the out text of the NPC, your choices in response and the corresponding keys. ReadFile, well, reads the file, and for each occurance of “start” or whatever, has a new dialogueoption created from the following data, and fills it all into a conversation. Conversation has a list of all the dialogueoptions, plus a list of all the keys. So, you see the first line of NPC text, your options a, b, c. Then if you press b, the code looks for b’s key in the list of keys, and returns the corresponding DialogueOption and runs it. Repeat until fin. This way you can have an infinite number of options and an infinite number of exchanges, based on the speech that is simply written in a text file. It requires hardly more typing than the text to be printed on screen. That’s what I wanted.

I’m aware that this blog must be pretty dull for non-pygame users (and maybe even for them) what with the lack of images/story from the game. Alas, that is still in R&D in the dark corners of my mind, but I can talk about the games I’m playing to stoke the old creative fire.

So, currently, on the SNES: Chrono Trigger, on the GBA: FF6, DS:FF3, FF12, Animal Crossing (anyone wanna visit?) and on the Xbox360: Eternal Sonata and Oblivion. I’m planning to “acquire” the new FF4 and Tactics for the DS as well, if I can find the time. Can anyone suggest any other SNES or Xbox games to try? Or anything else? Oblivion isn’t the style I’m going for, but some friends of mine refused to sleep because of it, so I’m giving it a go.

Ok, just a little glimpse. The opening sequence is (will be?) part inspired by [voices of a distant star]…