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Posted in code, games with tags , , , on July 19, 2008 by Tau

So I think I’m about half way to writing a class to manage the on screen conversations in which the player gets to make decisions on what to say. It works fine with the in-code option selection, but they really shouldn’t be too far away from keyboard selection, I just haven’t written the class structure that will send that information to the conversation class yet. Of course, it prints in the terminal window rather than the game window, but I feel that shouldn’t be too difficult either. One thing that worries me is the amount of effort required to make up the SpeechOption and Conversation classes – more typing than the actual words being used. Unless I can see a way around this I predict many, many tedious hours ahead, once I finally know what my storyline is going to be.

On the point of actual game elements, I’ve just started to play “Eternal Sonata” on Tessa the Xbox360 (named after Teletha Testarossa from Full Metal Panic!) and I like the part free movement, part turn based battle system. This is the first Japanese RPG I’ve played on the new generation consoles, but I’m looking forward to researching the others. The battle system is maybe the most important part of the game that depends on coding – I think it’s really make or break