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Posted in story with tags , , , on May 25, 2009 by Tau

I’ve decided to (possibly temporarily, possibly permanently) move away from an isometric view to a top down view. This is because of the dramatic increase in data filed entries, and the time to write them, that it would take for the isometric images. For a rectangular image, it’s a simple affair to decide whether a point (eg. the player) lies within a region which may be solid. If this region becomes a triangle of arbitrary shape and size, as it would be in an isometric case, the points of all of the triangles which make up the region must be stored, and deciding if a point lies with them becomes much more complicated.

This isn’t an unsurmountable problem, just one I feel is not worth tackling at the moment, especially when more efficient advances can be made. With the current code, and assuming a grid like layout of the maps, everything is ready for designing multiple linked maps. Along with the message and conversation classes, a simple, static demo could be written.

So that’s my plan, maybe finishing off the automation classes, and also writing something to make non-player characters move around the map. Then I can have something to show for my work.


Story Ideas

Posted in Characters, story with tags , , , , on February 21, 2009 by Tau

I’ve been keeping my thoughts on story and characters at the back of my mind for some time, reluctant to write anything down through fear of trivialising the ideas, and because coding is a risk free alternative, which is to say, I can see then and there whether or not my code works; creative attempts can be judged much more subjectively, and can lead to disappointment.

I’ve been thinking about the protagonist, who will, of course, undergo some journey without a defined end, and be forced through trials along the way. Such is the RPG I intended  to make. Why does he/she do all this? It can be Fate, which is an easy way out, or coincidence, that they have some relationship with the events unfolding.

I like the idea that our protagonist is as much like a regular person as can be within the context of the game. They simply get swept along, and are incapable, whether physical or through conscience, to back out.

It is my intention to set the game against the backdrop of a political war between two human nations, a religious war between factions of the main character’s race, and further smaller conflicts. The other playable characters won’t be constant – they will come and go as they follow their own stories, which may themselves be occasionally playable.

Yet, I don’t want to think out loud too much here..

If only I lived in Dark Angel world

Posted in games, story with tags , , , , on July 30, 2008 by Tau

I haven’t done any coding today (at least in Python) but I have been thinking about some of the game elements. Way back when I first wanted to do something like this, which was probably about 10 years ago, one of the things that struck me was the slum layout in FF7. I’ve also just finished watching the pilot episode of Dark Angel, and it’s brought back my fondness for post-apocalyptic slums. An idea I had was to imagine that an entire continent had been urbanised, mainly by slums, and then to translate this into a game. Instead of randomly generated dungeons, we have randomly generated villages, forming a much larger city. They wouldn’t form any part of the story (well, some would) but the rest would be for general exploration. Features, locations, items, even the origin of sub-quests could be written into the random generation. My intent isn’t to have the whole world map like this, just one of the cities.

Whilst I like HP based battle systems, I dislike grinding. I hate grinding. What I would like to see is a battle system that combines the traditional methods with one that requires the player, and not just the character, to improve in order to defeat more challenging opponents. This is all.

Next on the code objectives: Solid map objects & Map objects that move