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Isometric Solid Objects – Part 2

Posted in graphics with tags , , , , , on May 5, 2009 by Tau

Returning to the task of making the objects in the map semi-solid. The problem is that I want to draw the sprites as a whole, but define only certain regions as solid. This means I either have to make lots of sub-sprites and combine them, or define a list of regions that are and aren’t solid within each sprite/map object.

More text files to read in, or at least, longer ones.

Each Map Object now references another file which is the image file, this contains a link to the sprite and a list of co-ordinates which are the solid regions within the local co-ordinate system of the map object. These are then scaled to the global (screen) co-ordinates.

So far, all this is read in and the objects created, although they currently aren’t called in anyway. I haven’t gotten my head around how one decides if a given point (i.e the character) lies within a triangular region of undefined shape. Yes, it really shouldn’t be that difficult, I just haven’t got the envelope out to do it yet.


Returning to Work

Posted in graphics with tags , , , , on February 15, 2009 by Tau

Well,  I’ve said a few times over the past couple months that I would be working on this again after a hiatus, and I hope that this time it’s for real. I think the best place to start is to sum up what I’ve done so far (for my own benefit as much as anything else) and post some screenshots of all the features I’ve coded.

Below is how the program starts up after typing python into the command line. Yeah, I know, extremely bland. I’m sure I’d feel better about myself if I added some grass or something.

Opening Screen as of 15/02/09

Opening Screen as of 15/02/09

And how the dialogue prints out. I think the 1st thing to do is make that ugly blue box, well, not. Something with a border I think.

Sample of dialogue printing as of 15/02/09

Sample of dialogue printing as of 15/02/09

The basic message printing. Actually looks better than the dialogue, but still needs a proper border. I’ll use the same one for both I think.

Message Printing as of 15/02/09

Message Printing as of 15/02/09

That’s about it that you can see. I should work on some sprites, for morale as much as anything.. hope I can find the time.

Creating Sprites (Part 2)

Posted in graphics with tags , , , , , , on August 9, 2008 by Tau

So I finished off the basic line drawing of the Church I was working on, and then added some simple colouring. Just to see how it would look within the program I switched off the sketch background, cropped and re-sized the image.

The additional sprites you can see below are purely for testing out the movement, drawing and event code. I will (very soon) only be using my own sprites. They were obtained from Charas Project Which is a great resource for Top-Down RPG Sprites. I believe it’s actually intended for RPG Maker, but just as useful for coded projects (NB I forget precisely from whom I took these few sprites, and I apologise. They will not be used in the completed game).

Once this image loaded I noticed some lag in the movement, and a whirly CPU fan. I suspect this is due to my usual memory intensive way of coding. I’ll go back through and stop making every single loop do so during the main While 1: loop.

On a slightly separate note, I’ve animated the main character during movement. Basically I just changed the sprite to the next in a flickbook type collection of sprites every 5th time the move() function is called.

Sprite Creation

Posted in graphics with tags , , , , , , on August 8, 2008 by Tau

Or Why I really wish I owned a tablet. Bring on the MacBook Touch, that’s what I say. It’s especially painful as I don’t even have my Wireless Mighty Mouse anymore, so it’s all with the trackpad until I can get to an Apple Store. Now, the process has so far gone like this:

I quickly sketched out an idea for a small town, took a photo of it and loaded it into Gimp. This forms a bottom layer over which I draw the isometric image.

I use the grid to map out the isometricness of it.

This is all the east bit. The parts I’m not sure about are the textures and colours of all the sprites. I haven’t Gimped enough to be confident in this. But, like everything else, I’ll learn as I go along. To be continued…