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Posted in general with tags , on June 18, 2009 by Tau

Today I bought a Wacom tablet. It’s my first venture into the world of tablets but I’ve been thinking of buying one for a long time – using a mouse to draw things is a pathetic way of doing things. I’ve only bought low-spec model, to get used to things and see if it’s something I want to take on seriously. However, upon installation I’ve encountered a problem.

I use GIMP for my graphics and run OSX 10.4 on my Mac. As GIMP uses X11, it needs to get the tablet information through X11, and the latest version of X11 available for OSX 10.4 does not support the full features of tablets. In fact, it treats them as a regular mouse. It would seem that one requires Leopard to get the full features from X11 and hence GIMP. I cannot therefore use my new tablet with GIMP, and as that is all I have, not at all, really. It looks like I’ll have to purchase something, as long as its cheaper than upgrading to Leopard (which I had not intention of upgrading to, being perfectly happy with Tiger).

I’ll try and see if I can find some way around it, but I don’t know.


Too Long Away

Posted in general on November 21, 2008 by Tau

It’s been some time since I’ve written here, and indeed quite some time since I’ve done any work on the the game. I envy all those who can manage their time. I would say that I’ve been working on the storyline in my head, but that would probably be a lie. I have made a nice brain storm of it all, though.

I had been working on a simple message class, very akin to the dialogue classes, just without any interaction (other than pressing a button to get rid of it). I suppose I’ll have to write a “choice” class as well, which again will have most of the same code as the dialogue. In fact, the dialogue classes are prepared for a “gamekey” function, I just haven’t decided how that particular system is going to work.

Really, I’m going to get back to work on this.

Where now?

Posted in general with tags , , , on August 14, 2008 by Tau

I’ve done nothing on the game for a few days now. I have been busy, but also I guess I’ve reached a point where I’m not sure where to go next; obviously there’s a huge amount to do, not least continuing with making a sprite set. I think I should go back to working on the character development subroutines, ones that alter the basic characteristics or attributes of the character and are stored for later use. Perhaps also a save game function might be well implemented here.

I’d like to increase the number of Event functions there are to include non player-initiated ones, and also to finish up with the dialogue so that it prints in the screen, rather than in the terminal. Well, seems that’s what I’m doing then.

The story so far

Posted in general with tags , , , , on July 17, 2008 by Tau

This is all about my attempt to fulfil a childhood dream and code an RPG from scratch. Weapon of choice is Python using the PyGame libraries, image manipulation in Gimp, modelling with Blender and all put together with the aid of Junpei, the Macbook.

“No Sanctuary Found” is the working title for what will be an RPG in the top/down style of the old classics, i.e Chrono Trigger and the early days of Final Fantasy. It has so far no real storyline, except for a few ideas milling around in my brain, but I’m pretty  sure the setting will be science-fantasy, verging on post-apocalyptic. So here we go…