I’ve decided to (possibly temporarily, possibly permanently) move away from an isometric view to a top down view. This is because of the dramatic increase in data filed entries, and the time to write them, that it would take for the isometric images. For a rectangular image, it’s a simple affair to decide whether a point (eg. the player) lies within a region which may be solid. If this region becomes a triangle of arbitrary shape and size, as it would be in an isometric case, the points of all of the triangles which make up the region must be stored, and deciding if a point lies with them becomes much more complicated.

This isn’t an unsurmountable problem, just one I feel is not worth tackling at the moment, especially when more efficient advances can be made. With the current code, and assuming a grid like layout of the maps, everything is ready for designing multiple linked maps. Along with the message and conversation classes, a simple, static demo could be written.

So that’s my plan, maybe finishing off the automation classes, and also writing something to make non-player characters move around the map. Then I can have something to show for my work.


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