Isometric Solid Objects – Part 2

Returning to the task of making the objects in the map semi-solid. The problem is that I want to draw the sprites as a whole, but define only certain regions as solid. This means I either have to make lots of sub-sprites and combine them, or define a list of regions that are and aren’t solid within each sprite/map object.

More text files to read in, or at least, longer ones.

Each Map Object now references another file which is the image file, this contains a link to the sprite and a list of co-ordinates which are the solid regions within the local co-ordinate system of the map object. These are then scaled to the global (screen) co-ordinates.

So far, all this is read in and the objects created, although they currently aren’t called in anyway. I haven’t gotten my head around how one decides if a given point (i.e the character) lies within a triangular region of undefined shape. Yes, it really shouldn’t be that difficult, I just haven’t got the envelope out to do it yet.


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