Story Ideas

I’ve been keeping my thoughts on story and characters at the back of my mind for some time, reluctant to write anything down through fear of trivialising the ideas, and because coding is a risk free alternative, which is to say, I can see then and there whether or not my code works; creative attempts can be judged much more subjectively, and can lead to disappointment.

I’ve been thinking about the protagonist, who will, of course, undergo some journey without a defined end, and be forced through trials along the way. Such is the RPG I intendedĀ  to make. Why does he/she do all this? It can be Fate, which is an easy way out, or coincidence, that they have some relationship with the events unfolding.

I like the idea that our protagonist is as much like a regular person as can be within the context of the game. They simply get swept along, and are incapable, whether physical or through conscience, to back out.

It is my intention to set the game against the backdrop of a political war between two human nations, a religious war between factions of the main character’s race, and further smaller conflicts. The other playable characters won’t be constant – they will come and go as they follow their own stories, which may themselves be occasionally playable.

Yet, I don’t want to think out loud too much here..


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