Dialogue – On the Screen

Well, kind of. That which used to print in the terminal now appears as ugly text in an ugly blue box on the screen, and disappears when the conversation finishes. I moved the construction of the screen window to an external class that as a Get Screen function, which can be called by any other class, and thus drawn onto by any other class. It means all sorts of goodies can now be drawn whilst the main loop is running, such as dialogue, messages and menus. That said, my code is still ugly as sin.

I just need to create an image for the dialogue box to make it a little prettier, and it’ll be done, aside from writing the code for conversations generating gamekeys, by which I mean, for example, speaking with a NPC and getting some information from them allows you to proceed to a new area or whatever.

Next I think a few more events, such as finding items and attribute changes, and then really get going with the sprites, at least in order to finish this village and work towards some form of simple, wander around demo.


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