Creating Sprites (Part 2)

So I finished off the basic line drawing of the Church I was working on, and then added some simple colouring. Just to see how it would look within the program I switched off the sketch background, cropped and re-sized the image.

The additional sprites you can see below are purely for testing out the movement, drawing and event code. I will (very soon) only be using my own sprites. They were obtained from Charas Project Which is a great resource for Top-Down RPG Sprites. I believe it’s actually intended for RPG Maker, but just as useful for coded projects (NB I forget precisely from whom I took these few sprites, and I apologise. They will not be used in the completed game).

Once this image loaded I noticed some lag in the movement, and a whirly CPU fan. I suspect this is due to my usual memory intensive way of coding. I’ll go back through and stop making every single loop do so during the main While 1: loop.

On a slightly separate note, I’ve animated the main character during movement. Basically I just changed the sprite to the next in a flickbook type collection of sprites every 5th time the move() function is called.


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  1. That’s Gimp ??

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