RPG Statistics

Perhaps the defining feature of any Role Playing Game is the representation of human characteristics as an integer value that can be increased, decreased and compared. Now the question arises for the construction of a new RPG, and one that hopefully won’t simply fall in line, is what attributes do we choose to represent, and how?

HP, MP, Str, Def, Exp all are classics that we choose to include for continuation’s sake, but what else? Compassion, Arrogance, Altruism might be included. And what if they weren’t stored as integers, but as vectors, or points within a multi-dimensional phase space; what if they weren’t incremented but subject to a matrix operator? Leveling up would be a thing of the past as your character’s future depended on far more complicated conditions. And now I rant….

I’ve never been one for taking things slowly, and when I read suggestions that an RPG shouldn’t be a coder’s first game, or that a single person written RPG could never be of any merit I pity such a lack of imagination. Of course, with the dominance of money orientated conglomerates within the gaming industry, one person could never achieve the code extensive results of the latest titles. The latest Alpha Rant touched on why World of Warcraft isn’t as good as it could be, given the wealth of resources available. The answer, sadly, is that profit is more important than the quality of the game, and the game’s quality only considered as a factor in beating the opposition.

+10 Gold -100 Soul

Computer technology didn’t arise out of big business; big business has taken it over. It started out with bedroom coders and garage b0x building. I told someone recently that there’ll never be another Windows or Apple rocketing out from nowhere. Open Source may do it, which I would love to see.


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