Making Plans

I’m finished with the dialogue classes for the time being. Whilst I do want it to print to somewhere other than the terminal, I can live with it for a while. The speech options now contain additional members – Which tells the game whether this speechoption is a final one, and self.key which returns a string to be used as a game key.

Now, my plans for the near future are:

  1. Read in Events from a file, rather than hard code them like present.
  2. Write a Change Map Event, for the going in and out of places
  3. Draw Sprites/Plan Story – real RPG stuff
  4. Come up with a plan for a battle system

With regards to the look of the game, although I’d stated that it’ll probably be in the older style, I do want to avoid this just looking like it was made with RPG Maker. One of the reasons for self-coding is to have the flexibility not granted by these generic programs.


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