The story so far

This is all about my attempt to fulfil a childhood dream and code an RPG from scratch. Weapon of choice is Python using the PyGame libraries, image manipulation in Gimp, modelling with Blender and all put together with the aid of Junpei, the Macbook.

“No Sanctuary Found” is the working title for what will be an RPG in the top/down style of the old classics, i.e Chrono Trigger and the early days of Final Fantasy. It has so far no real storyline, except for a few ideas milling around in my brain, but I’m pretty  sure the setting will be science-fantasy, verging on post-apocalyptic. So here we go…


One Response to “The story so far”

  1. Aristoi Says:

    Good luck with “No Sanctuary Found”. I’m also just trying out PyGame to see how it works, and I look forward to following your progress.

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