Inventing Events

Mood: Pleased

I’ve just had some trouble with odd local variable problems. It was one of those situations where you have two identical pieces of code, and one works and the other doesn’t. But I was doing different things with them, so I guess that explains it. I worked it out though.

So now my little person can wander around the screen, and when you press “a” the code compares your current position with a list of positions for events stored and calls the relevant function if you’re in the right location. Super.

Although, at the moment it’s just my mouse drawn stick man moving jerkily around a black screen, so next on the list is to draw some sprites. I want to use Gimp for all the graphical work (indeed all programs I use will be open source, except my OS of course) but don’t have any experience with these kinds of programs.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about some of the features I want to include, and starting from the things that annoy me in other games. I guess with RPGs some of the things that annoy others are going to be random encounters, save points, linearity or annoyingly generated dungeons…

I quite like the idea of being able to semi-enter your own text when talking with NPCs. The game would just scan your entry for the combinations of keywords required. With regards to the battle system, I would like to use a turn based, HP reducing system. It’s just one of the stable RPG elements, I feel. I’ve always wanted to introduce some element that requires the player themselves to increase their skill, rather than just grinding, to beat the higher level enemies. What that is, I don’t quite know yet.


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